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Earn more from your properties today.

Rentals Ablaze is a full service short term rental company that helps real estate investors increase their monthly cashflow.

Why Partner With Us...

Instant Occupancy

More Cashflow

Hands Off Management

Zero Fees

Zero Cost

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Fill your vacant units in 3 easy steps….



List your property with us

We partner with owners to share in the revenue and we also lease vacant units directly. 


We do it all from A-Z

You do nothing more than you do today, only you now can earn more than market rent.


You put more in your pocket!

Enjoy more cash with less headaches and get back to doing what you love to do.

Make more while doing less today

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About Rentals Ablaze

We are a full service short term rental company that helps real estate investors increase their monthly cash flow. We partner with owners to help them make more money each month as well as lease properties directly. If you’d like to learn more about what we offer our clients and how we can help you earn more with your properties, please contact us today!

What People Say About Us 

“This model allows me to make more than normal market rent with no downsides. I love the fact that there are no long term commitments if I choose to go month to month, but I foresee this being a very long term arrangement.” 

Janice Brenton


Frequently Asked Questions

Is There Any Charge For Working With You?

There are no fees, charges, or hidden costs whatsoever to work with us. We sign a 6 or 12 month lease and provide a deposit, just like a typical tenant.

Who Would Be Staying In My Property?

Our guests are business leisure travelers who are seeking something different. We deliver the “un-hotel” experience to our guests.

How Do I See If My Property Will Qualify?

Your place may be exactly what we’re looking for. To find out if it’s a fit for both of us, just submit your information below and we’ll be in touch!


What are the benefits to working with you?

  • Minimal appliances and water use

  • Low wear and tear

  • Secure keyless entry

  • Automatic monthly rental payments

What makes you different from traditional tenants?

  • Daily & weekly professional cleanings

  • Pet free and smoke free tenants

  • Minor maintenance covered by us

Want to increase your net cashflow? We got you covered.

Partner with us and start earning more. Whether you own single or multi family properties, we can help you earn more. Our service is done for you complete solution that allows you to earn higher than market rents on every one of your vacant units. We handle all management so you can enjoy the same hands off cash flow - just more of it!

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Enter your information below and we’ll reach out to discuss how we can work together!

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